The background

This is a series of short videos that will take us through starting a basic WebAPI. It will start at the very basics, laying out a solution and projects. We will use MVC and ASPNETCORE to write the WebAPI based around having users and repos, with information about them. We are going to use GITPitch to provide the tutorial in a presentation layout.

If you would just like links to the videos you can find them at the bottom of this article.

Setup of the project


So in this presentation we setup a basic project and showed that we could access it via a browser. If you have written a WebAPI before you can skip it.

A little bit of data


This tutorial takes us a little further. We use Sql Server on Linux running in docker. We script the database from clean (creating the database, the tables, and the data). We then use Dapper to get the data out of the database. Finally we clean up the solution a little.

An API with some Swagger


This is the last piece of this first tutorial set. Here we create a swagger document from out WebApi. We then use this document to make a client sdk, and finally show how to make the sdk a little cleaner for consumers.

Finishing up

Thats the end of this first set of tutorials, I hope you enjoyed them. For the next set we will ramp up the complexity. We are going to change scenarios to a project I am actually working on and show how to get some reliability and discoverability while cutting down on manual config for backend services.

The raw videos

In case you don’t want to go through the presentations

  1. Tutorial 1 Playlist
  2. Tutorial 2 Playlist
  3. Tutorial 3 Playlist

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